• Image of Unisex sweatshirt hoodie: Create your reality (moth, hourglass, rose)

unisex sweatshirt with hoodie. Create your reality (moth, hourglass, rose)

Design in front and big design in the back. High quality 80% cotton - 20% polyester, very comfortable and warm for the winter!

The design is custom made by tattoo artist Christos Tziortzis.

*** If you would like a different color of hoodie, or to print the female colors design on the hoodie, please contact us so we can guide you how to make purchase. (we have lots of hoodie colors availables like red, blue, white, grey, etc) ***

A moth demonstrates faith and determination and attraction, as we can observe the moth fly into artificial light or flames. It can also symbolise inner knowledge and awareness that help us navigate through hard times.

The hourglass is a reminder of the passing time, reminding us to live our lives and take advantage and make most of our lives and time. It can also symbolise balance. Energy passes between the two half glasses, the one on top being the sky and the one on the bottom the earth. Energy passes and expresses a pervasive feel of balance, duality, and the infinite cycles of life passing between experiences of mundane and ethereal.

Roses are a complex flower. They represent inner and outer beauty, love and can also symbolize an immortal love that withstands time and even death. White roses symbolize purity and mysticism.

Quotes: Be Great and Create your reality

High quality and high detailed printing.

For exact size details make sure to check our last photo. Sizes are in centimeters.