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  Cosmic Vision aims to give exposure to tattoo inspired art and the mentality needed to change every persons life, even our owns, to the better. It is the result of endless hours of thoughts, planning, hard work and execution, by tattoo artist Christos Tziortzis - owner of Chris Cosmos Tattoo Studio.

  Apart from being a full time tattoo artist, Chris devotes countless hours in creating apparel that doesn't only look great to wear but will motivate you personally and also inspire others who will see you wear it, to pursue their dreams and goals, and also to remember to be grateful for all the abundance we have in our world.

   We are living in a fast paced world today, where many times we just need to pause for a second, take a look arround us, and just be greateful for the little things in life. Feel the wind that moves the tree branches, see the sun that rises every morning, gaze the beautiful stars of our endless cosmos.

  Christos has been heavily influenced in his personal life by some of the worlds best mentors, and worlds best tattoo artists, and his vision is in turn, to touch the lives and feelings of you and others with his work.
He does this, by creating powerful images and designs of tattoo inspired art  and apparel, with positive meanings and daily reminders.

  "Thank you for taking the time to read my personal message and I want to thank you  for being here at this present moment! I wish you to experience all the abundance this world has to offer! May your life be filled with positive feelings, love, positive energy and beauty!"
                                                                                             - Christos Tziortzis