• Image of Mens t-shirt: Live with no regrets

T-shirt live with no regrets

100% Cotton tee with printed artwork on front
The front design is custom made by tattoo artist Christos Tziortzis.

*** If you would like a different color of T-shirt, please contact us so we can guide you how to make purchase. (we have lots of hoodie colors availables like red, blue, white, grey, etc) ***

A skull acts as a reminder of the greatest change that can happen in our life, which is death. It has been used for centuries to represent “great change” and also as a “celebration of a great life”. In analysing what the skull traditionally meant in ancient society we discover that it was related to the happening of great changes and an acceptance and embrace of our mortality “embracing the new".

The crown is a symbol of royalty. authority Usually worn by a royal family, it represents power, wealth and supremacy. It can act as a reminder for people to reach the heights they want to reach, and become the kings and queens of their own dreams.

Roses are a complex flower. They represent inner and outer beauty, love and can also symbolize an immortal love that withstands time and even death. White roses symbolize purity and mysticism

The back features Cosmic Vision Clothing logo at the top.

High quality and high detailed printing.

For exact size details make sure to check our last photo. Sizes are in centimeters.